March 5 postgame quotes: Jake Muzzin - LA Kings Insider

On the win over St. Louis:
“Crazy, huh?”

On whether the team is trying to establish an identity at home:
“Yeah, [we want to] be a tough team to play against.”

On whether the team has already established that identity:
“I mean, every night we’ve got to continue backing it up, and tonight was clear of that. We were down a couple of goals, and we come back in the third and we fight, we stayed with it, and we ended up winning the game, so it was huge for us.”

On how he earned his three points:
“Just great team plays. We were getting pucks to the net, shooting. I kind of caught the goalie. I just threw it on net there and caught him cheating, I guess, looking for a pass, maybe across. It went under his pad. Great plays by everyone, and a great team win.”

On the team’s energy in the third period:
“We just continued believing in here. We’ve got a confident group in here. We’ve got a calm group in here, and we’ve got great leaders on the team. Just to stay with it and fight – we kind of said in here ‘maybe they’re waiting for us to come out at ‘em.’ That’s what we did – we came out and we got an early one and we got another one and we just kept building, and the fans were just huge for us tonight with the momentum. It just kind of shifted in our favor and we ended up winning the game.”

On the mood on the bench while the team was behind:
“It’s not great, but you have to stay with it. It takes 60 minutes to win a hockey game. It was evident tonight that it does. We stayed with it. We were calm in here in between periods. We knew it was going to take a full team effort from the goalies out and that’s what it was tonight. We stayed with it and we got the night.”

On whether Martinez’s presence creates any pressure on him:
“I focus on what I’ve got to do. The only thing I control is how I play, and what I’ve got to do. I’m focused on what I’ve got to do to stay in the lineup and continue playing.”

On whether he plays better alongside Doughty:
“Maybe. I think we’ve been good. We gave up a couple tonight. We’ve got to clean up our D-zone a little, but we were good offensively. I think it’s been good so far, and I’d like to continue with it.”

On how the team responded to St. Louis’ physical start:
“We were calm. It’s tough, but we were calm and collected in here. Like I said before, we’ve got great leaders in here, and we stayed with it. We stayed with the game plan. It’s a full 60 minutes. They came out hard. We stayed with it. We fought, and in the third period we tilted the momentum and we took over, so it was good.”

On how the team was able to shift momentum in their favor.
“Just believing in here. Like I’ve said, we’ve got a great group of guys that believe that we can come back. We’ve got the skill. We’ve got the confidence. We’ve got great goalies. We just believe and continue working and we ended up coming back and winning.”