Who is this "Stick"? - LA Kings Insider

While discussing the Detroit game with Dustin Brown on Friday before leaving for Vancouver, I started to notice a new nickname for Justin Williams: Stick.

Following Saturday’s morning skate, Brown again referred to his linemate as “Stick”. I could be wrong, but I can’t remember him using this nickname in the year and a half I’ve covered the team.

After putting the microphone down, I asked Brown about the new nickname. Apparently, “Willie” can be confusing when there is another “Willie” or “Williams” around, and “Stick” can be an endearing hockey nickname for a skinny teammate.

This had been an online topic of discussion between Frozen Royalty and Jewels from the Crown earlier this afternoon. I would normally rely on Twitter to report on hard-hitting nickname analysis, but I tried fitting the above account into 140 characters and came away unsatisfied. So, there you have it. Stick.

There’s lots more coming from Staples tonight. In addition to my regular first intermission analysis with Nick Nickson on KTLK 1150 AM, I’ll also be joining Patrick O’Neal during the second intermission on FOX Sports West. Enjoy the game.