March 4 morning skate quotes: Colin Fraser - LA Kings Insider

On whether there’s a difference playing back-to-back games at home, compared to the road:
“No, I don’t think they’re any different. It’s better to have it at home than on the road with no travel after games. You get to bed a little earlier. You don’t have to switch hotels, et cetera. [In a] 48-game game schedule, you know, you’ve got to cram it in somehow. Our schedule, we’ve played compared to some teams, the least amount of games. Now they’re going to come hot and heavy, and we’ve just got to be ready for them.”

On whether teams tend to play particularly well on a particular day of the week:
“Maybe if the stats say that, but you don’t obviously approach games like that – ‘on a Saturday, we’re not going to play as well’, or whatever it is. I think it’s just a coincidence. It shouldn’t matter what night you’re playing. In the NHL you play on any given night. It’s not like junior where you’re only playing on weekends. Four gamed a week is a lot, but other teams have been doing it, too. Every team’s in the same boat. The good thing about is we’re at home, so it could be worse.”

On whether he notices any difference in performance on a weekday, compared to a weekend:
“For me, no. Again, it’s not like junior where you’re going to school, so you have school on weekday games or whatever. I think as professionals we have to be the same routine every day for the most part and be prepared on any given night.”

On the Nashville Predators:
“They’re a tough team to play against. They’ve got an elite goalie, and they play very good defensively. They don’t give up many chances, so when they do, you’ve got to be ready to bury them. If they get up on you, it’s hard to come from behind on these guys.”