March 3 practice quotes: Dustin Brown - LA Kings Insider

On what led to Justin Williams’ power play goal versus Vancouver:
“Shooting off the pass helps, and that’s a result of putting the puck in the wheelhouse for Williams. I thought our movement prior to the goal – we got them moving…and that opened up Stick for the one-timer. I had pretty good position for Muzz in front…for me to screen him. It’s awful hard for the goalie to move across there, and it found a way in. Our puck movement was crisp.”

On the Nashville Predators:
“From top to bottom, first line to fourth line, they all play the same way regardless of the skill set, and they’ve found a way to be successful for pretty much 10 years now with a team that doesn’t have a so-called ‘superstar’, maybe with the exception of Rinne and Weber, but they find a way to get it done. A lot of it revolves around their system and their work ethic.”

On addressing what hadn’t worked in the two previous Nashville games:
“I think…the key is holding on to pucks, being patient with it. I think they have a sit-back mentality. They protect the net really well, but we have to find ways to get to the net and get pucks there as well as bodies at the same time. I think right now or in games past, we’ve gotten pucks there without bodies and we’ve gotten bodies there without pucks. With a goaltender like Rinne, you’ve got to get in front of him and make it hard for him. I think from a defensive standpoint – I know we lost both games – we limited them to less than 15 shots in both, I think. They’re very opportunistic. We need to be the same.”

On Nashville’s ability to craft its own style over the years despite additions and departures:
“I mean, they still have those staple guys that have been there for years. It’s a system that they have and they’ve had in place for years, and people come in and buy in and find a way to get it done. They’ve been a successful team, like I said, for the last seven, eight years. They don’t have, like I said, any so-called ‘superstars’, but a lot of their players are really solid, two-way players, and that goes a long way.”