February 20 morning skate quotes: Dustin Brown - LA Kings Insider

On what will be key in the performance against Calgary:
“I think it’s just in our preparation, playing back to back, getting what you need this morning and getting ready to go. I think it’s our first opportunity to get above .500. That’s a big thing for us, especially considering we’ve played 11 out of 15 games on the road.”

On the importance of getting on a roll with so many home games in the future:
“I think just the consistency factor in our game – we’ve had a few good games in a row, followed up by a bad game. We’ve got to just get that consistency. Once we have that consistency and we start playing to our capabilities, I think that’s when you start to see the wins pile up.”

On whether so few home games presents a challenge:
“I think it’s pretty normal for us. Even in a normal season in February, we play a lot on the road because of the Grammy’s and just how the scheduling works with Staples. So I think any guy who plays in L.A. for the last few years understands that it’s kind of a normal thing for us this time of year. It probably feels a little different considering the shortened season, but we need to be prepared and ready to take advantage of being at home.”

On whether there’s a sense of panic in the shortened season, or confidence that they’ve been in a similar position before:
“I don’t think it’s a panic. Like you said, we’ve all been in the situation in years past and battled to get where we need to be. There’s definitely a sense of urgency and a sense of attention to detail to get the job done.”

Given the back-to-back, on whether they’re aware of and have seen video of Calgary’s tendencies:
“I mean, with the addition of Wideman, I think he’s pretty well known around the league as a pretty good offensive defenseman. Giordano, Bouwmeester and all of them really can skate pretty well. It’s important for us to just play our game. We’re a grinding, physical team and when you start banging their back end, it makes it more difficult for them to jump in. We have to be aware of those guys and finish our checks on them.”

On the luxury of throwing a goalie of Bernier’s caliber in to give Quick a rest:
“I mean, that’s the beauty of having two good goalies, especially in scenarios like this when you’re playing back to back. Bernier’s played well for us when he’s gotten the opportunity this year. Even going back to last year, he hasn’t had a lot of opportunity, but he’s always seemed to come in and play well.”