February 10 postgame quotes: Dustin Brown - LA Kings Insider

On the loss to Detroit:
“At the end of the day, we didn’t get the result that we want. Let’s just say we haven’t been playing our best hockey and sometimes you say at the end of losing streaks and at the end of winning streaks sometimes you’re losing games you shouldn’t, and sometimes you’re winning games you shouldn’t, as well. That was probably our best 60 minutes in a long time. Now we’ve got to forget about the last 10 seconds. We’ve got a game tomorrow, and probably, especially in a shortened season we won’t have time to sit here and talk about ‘what-ifs’.”

On the team’s performance in the offensive zone:
“If you look at their blue paint, we were there every shift or a lot of our shifts, and for us to be successful, that’s a staple of our game. We didn’t have one or two guys doing it. We had a lot of guys doing it. From an offensive standpoint, I think the biggest difference for us [was that] we had some Grade-A scoring chances. Howard had a pretty good game.”

On whether Sunday’s loss was “symbolic,” considering the way the season has started:
“I don’t know. Like I said, this was the first time we lose a game and we had a good opportunity to win it. We lose a game, and we had a good opportunity to win it. A lot of the games that we’ve lost this year, we haven’t been in it from the start, and it’s hard to play that way [in] this league. Like I’ve said, we’ve got to take how we played and apply it to our next game. I think if you continue to play like we did tonight, you’ll start to see more wins than losses.”