February 6 practice quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On what Slava Voynov is doing well:
“He’s doing a really good job defending, meaning [he’s] getting in and out of battles well, moving pucks well. He’s clearly been our best player at it from back there. That’s what he’s good at. He’s not doing anything different or any better. He’s doing it. It’s what we need the other players to do.”

On what allowed the Kings to win a road game Tuesday night:
“Every team has different strengths and weaknesses, and as long as the players know what they are, you try and work around it. Probably the biggest play in the game last night was Dubinsky leaving the game and not coming back, and Richie leaving for 19 [minutes] and coming back. That’s probably the biggest difference of the game. The strength of our team should be the strength of our centermen. And it’s not necessary that it’s been yet, but it should be. The strength of their team, a big part, was getting Dubinsky and Anisimov this summer – two centermen. So you lose one for half the game – it’s pretty significant.”

On the team getting closer to where it needs to be:
“We’re learning a lot about them, quite honest, because it’s a totally different group. You’re playing four defensemen that aren’t used to situations they’re in. Quite honest, it’s very similar to the team we played last night, what they’re doing. There’s a lot of growth there and a lot of little areas that you’d have preferred to have two or three more weeks with. It’s a challenge.”

On what he heard heard about Andrew Campbell from Manchester:
“Not much. Just want a bigger guy. [We’ll] take a look at him. That’s all. He hasn’t played much. He’s missed a lot of hockey this year. See what his practice pace is like. That’s the biggest difference. Andrew Bodnarchuk was a really good little defenseman. Hey, we need Muzzin and Martinez and Drewiske to be a hell of a lot better players for us, otherwise we’re going to look at other players. That’s the way I see it.”