February 6 practice quotes: Andrew Campbell - LA Kings Insider

Andrew Campbell took part in his first practice with the Kings at Bridgestone Arena today, and considering his size and the attributes he brings as a stay-at-home defenseman with a long reach, it wouldn’t be a major surprise if he made his NHL debut against Nashville Thursday evening, as the team is looking to gain a sense of what the former third round pick can provide.

On his first practice:
“It’s exciting, obviously – my first call-up here. I’m just trying to enjoy it all and do all the work I can and just get better.”

On where he was when he found out he had been promoted:
“I was at the grocery store, and I got a call from Hubie, our team personnel guy, so it was pretty exciting.”

On who he called when he heard the news:
“They asked me to keep it quiet for a while, just because of the whole process. But I called my mom and dad. I had to let them know. They’ve been so important to me over the years, so I let them know right away.”

On his attributes as a defenseman:
“I’m just a pretty defensive guy. I like to take care of my own end, make the first pass and be gritty, compete hard and be tough to play against.”

On relationship with players who have come through L.A.’s system:
“I lived for a full year with Kinger, Noley and Muzz. We all lived in a house together. The four of us are pretty familiar with each other. I played with Marty, played with Wiske, played with Bernie. I’m trying to think of whom else. I worked out with Cliffy in the summer before, so I have a lot of familiarity with a lot of guys.”

On how the Monarchs coaching staff has prepared players to transition to the NHL:
“They’ve done a lot of work on making sure that the system is the same system that’s being worked on up here. PK, five-on-five, they try to do everything the same so it’s a seamless transition when you bump up.”