February 5 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On if he saw any change between the first and second periods:
“Not really. We had the disallowed goal, and you’re worried if that’s going to affect your team. Then they scored. We just managed to stay with it. They lose a key guy up the middle in Dubinsky for the whole game. We lose a guy until the 10 minute mark of the third. If you break it all out, you see a big change in both teams.”

On his view of the hit on Rob Scuderi:
“You don’t really get a good [view]. You just see the player go down. Dubinsky’s going to play hard. That’s the bottom line. I don’t even pass judgement on those plays anymore unless I see it and it’s plain, right in front of me…because you can’t tell.”

On the explanation of the disallowed goal:
“They said Kopi has to move to allow the goalie to move also. Its easy for us to watch the replay and see that the goalie didn’t move, because he didn’t move. It wasn’t because Kopi was restricting him. To me, that should have been a goal. And you know what, win or lose it doesn’t matter. I really respect Stephen Walkom as the referee who called it, and that’s it. That’s where I leave it, always.”