L.A. Kings Super Bowl predictions - LA Kings Insider

Mike Richards

So who wins the Super Bowl?
Baltimore Ravens.

What’s the score?
We’ll say 27-24.

Did you have a football team growing up?
No, I actually didn’t watch football until I went to Philadelphia and started going to the games.

You kind of have to there.
Yeah, you have to there.

Rob Scuderi

You’re a big football fan, aren’t you?
I think so. I’m a Jet fan, unfortunately, so I know it’s hard to admit.

Growing up on Long Island, you’re generally a Mets and Jets fan, right?
Yeah. That’s correct. Always Jets, always Mets. And Islanders. I guess for the years, it was pretty lean years for me growing up, but I’m still a fan.

Who wins today?
I think I’m going to take the 49ers. I think they’ll pull it off.

Your score prediction?
I’ll take San Francisco, 23-17.

Drew Doughty

So who wins the big game today?
I think San Fran’s going to win by let’s say 10.

Do you have a prediction on the score?
35-24. That’s not 10, but close enough.

Were you ever a CFL fan growing up?
No. No, not a big CFL fan at all. Don’t ever watch it. Never been a big game or anything like that. It’s not the same as the NFL, that’s for sure.

Do you have a favorite NFL team?
I wasn’t ever a big NFL fan. I just started watching football since I got to the States, mostly due to just football pools and little things like that. I like New Orleans most, because the QB’s name is Drew Brees, and I thought that was kind of cool when I was younger. So that’s why I chose my favorite team.

Jonathan Quick

Are you one of the bigger football fans on the team?
I do enjoy the game. Yeah. I think a lot of the Americans here enjoy it, and obviously the Canadians kind of get on board, too.

And you’re active in fantasy football as well, right?
Well, I did a league with friends and family back home, and I lost in the semis. And I did a league with a bunch of the guys in the locker room here, and I ended up winning. I got the bragging rights in the locker room until next season.

Do you get any prizes for winning? Is it monetary? Was there any strutting around the room? Any special hats or anything like that?
We had a few guys in the league – they went to the draft, and then they didn’t touch their lineup since. I played Dewey at the end of the season there, and I needed a win to kind of get into the playoffs. Luckily he was starting three guys on injured reserve. That kind of helped my chances. And then we got hot at the right time, and I went for a run in the playoffs.

What’s your prediction for the game today?
I think Baltimore will pull it out. I’ll say 27-24.

Trevor Lewis

Are you a big football fan?
Yeah, I watch it. Broncos are my team.

Do you have a prediction for today’s game?
I think San Fran will win. But I liked Alex Smith before because he was from Utah. It’s kind of disappointing to see him out, but hopefully San Fran does well.

Could you give us a score?
I’ll say 27-24.

Jordan Nolan

Are you a big football fan?
No. Me, Muzz and a few other guys in Manchester at the start of the year went to a Pats game. So that was a lot of fun. It was my first time at an NFL game.

Did you grow up following the CFL or anything like that?
No, no football. Not a football guy. But I always watch the Super Bowl. It’s always a fun time to get together with friends.

How about a prediction for today’s game? Do you have a score?
Prediction? Jeez. And a score? I’m the worst at this. I think the Ravens are going to win by about 14.

14, huh? What’s the score going to be?
A score? What’s the score of football games these days? I don’t know. 35…

35-21? That’s a football score right there.
Yeah, that sounds perfect.