February 2 postgame quotes: Dustin Brown - LA Kings Insider

On whether he expected a 7-4 game:
“I don’t think we come into any game thinking we’re going to have a 7-4 outcome, one way or another. It’s not really how we play the game. But like I said, we weren’t hard enough in the key areas of the ice.”

On whether the team is particularly “down” after this game:
“I think we should use this game as a wake up call. We got our asses kicked. We’ve got to use that as motivation now to be better.”

On the goaltending switch, and whether it had a major effect on the team’s play:
“No. I mean, it happened pretty early in the game. As players, we rebounded pretty quickly thereafter. Again, I don’t think that had any effect on our team.”

On scoring two power play goals:
“Yeah, I mean it’s definitely good to get it going. But the flipside of that is our PK took a – we need them both going at the same time. I think we gave up three power play goals tonight. That’s been a staple of our game and probably an indication of mistakes we were making. Giving up that many power play goals for this team is uncharacteristic. I think how play on our PK generally correlates pretty well for how we play five on five.”

On the importance of starting the road trip successfully in Columbus:
“48-game schedule, every game is key, I guess. We’ve got to keep pace. We’re going into some tough buildings to play against. It starts with Columbus, and they’re playing pretty good hockey. We’ve got to focus on Columbus right now, one game at a time. We can’t be thinking about Detroit, St. Louis, or whoever else we play. We’ve got to focus on Columbus. We open there.”

On facing Jack Johnson on Tuesday:
“We know what to expect from Jack. There’s been a big shake up in Columbus with the Nash deal over the summer or whatever happened. They’ll have a different look to their team, so, like I said, we’ve got to focus on that game.”