January 31 Postgame Quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On his thoughts of the game:

“Score more than one goal.”

On what it will take to score more than one goal:

“Score two.”

On Mike Richards’ selection in the shootout:

“He’s capable of big plays, and he’s a good shootout guy. I’ve seen it before.”

On limiting Nashville to 11 shots in regulation:

“They’re strong up the middle, they’ve got the veterans on the back end, they’ve got a good goalie. They don’t give much, and you have to try and counter that. And you have to bear down on your opportunities. The ones you get, you don’t get too many of against them.”

“It just comes down to details, right? You know what, they scored a faceoff goal. Other than that, they probably only had three or four opportunities to score. We probably had 10. It just comes down to we’re still not getting that goal…that we need to count on to score that goal.”

On whether he’s happy with Jeff Carter’s involvement and participation:

“Yeah. He’s been pretty good.”

On the heavy road schedule in February:

“You know, I really don’t look at it as a month thing, because really we only played 11 days in January. So I don’t look at it as a month thing. Break it into home – road, three in four and back to backs, all those sorts of things. So I don’t really look too far ahead. We’ll deal with Saturday, and then we’ve got to go east through three time zones.”

On whether he prepares any different for road games than he does for home games:

“I don’t stay in a hotel. I don’t prepare any different.”