Kings lose six games from schedule - LA Kings Insider

The NHL today announced the cancellation of the first two weeks of regular-season games because of the lockout. That means, for now, the loss of six games for the Kings:

Oct. 12 vs. New York Rangers at Staples Center
Oct. 15 at Calgary Flames
Oct. 16 at Edmonton Oilers
Oct. 18 vs. Carolina Hurricanes at Staples Center
Oct. 21 vs. Edmonton Oilers at Staples Center
Oct. 23 vs. Nashville Predators at Staples Center

At this point, it’s impossible to predict what a reworked 2012-13 season would look like, assuming there is one at all. It depends entirely on when the lockout is resolved and how many games end up getting canceled. Losing games against Eastern Conference teams isn’t really a major issue, schedule-wise, but how would the league account for the fact that the Kings have already lost two games against Edmonton but none against (for example) Vancouver? How much balance would there be in a shortened schedule? In any event, let’s just hope these questions need to be answered sooner, rather than later. At this point, there aren’t any negotiations scheduled between the league and the players.