So where's the puck, Pat? - LA Kings Insider

The mystery of the Game 6-ending puck has been solved, at least in part. The following video of the last two minutes of the game, and the ensuing celebration, clearly shows New Jersey’s Patrik Elias flip the puck into his glove and then skate off the ice. After it goes into Elias’ glove, it’s not seen again. Elias goes to the Devils’ bench, then returns to the ice after a few moments for the handshake line. If anyone sees something different, please let me know. I’ve watched it full-screen on a 27-inch monitor in high definition.

I’ve made queries to the highest levels of Kings management, and nobody knows the whereabouts of the puck. After the handshake line, Elias curiously hands his stick to someone in the crowd, but he doesn’t appear to toss the puck. So, where it is, Patrik? In theory, he could have handed it to someone in the handshake line. If he did, it’s a marvelously kept secret. Elias wouldn’t be so petty as to keep the puck, would he? Here’s a still-image breakdown…

(Jordan Nolan plays the puck just before the horn.)

(After the horn, the puck slides toward Elias.)

(Elias veers toward the puck, stick down.)

(Elias flips the puck into the air.)

(Elias gloves the puck.)

(Elias, left, skates toward Martin Brodeur.)

(Elias and Brodeur.)

(Elias goes to the bench.)

(Elias returns to the ice for handshakes.)