Greene postgame quotes (June 2) - LA Kings Insider

Matt Greene’s postgame thoughts…

(on leading 2-0 in the series…)
GREENE: “It’s big. We’ve got a lead and now we’ve got to come home and do something with it. You can’t rest on it. We’ve got to get better in Game 3, especially on home ice, and be ready to go and put forth a better effort than we started with the last two games.’’

(on needing patience to deal with the Devils’ forecheck…)
GREENE: “They’re going to create turnovers. That’s what they’ve been doing all playoffs. We’ve got to make sure we do better to combat that, but at the same time, I think it’s maybe not patience but just making the right play when it’s there. The play is there. You’ve just got to make it. That’s what they’re good at, is taking it away pretty quick. We’ve got to find a way to get around their forecheck and get through the neutral zone, because right now, they’re getting too much off of that and we’re not creating enough.’’

(on the great play by both goalies…)

GREENE: “There’s been good chances back and forth. Quickie has been great for us, the whole playoffs and all year, and he did it again tonight.’’