King enjoying the ride with Nolan - LA Kings Insider

Dwight King and Jordan Nolan. Jordan Nolan and Dwight King. Other than the facial differences, there’s not much between the two rookies. They’re both 22-year-old wingers with similar builds. They both have a hockey pedigree — King’s brother and Nolan’s father — and they came up to the Kings this season on the same February day. They were housemates in Manchester, playing in the AHL, and now they’re roommates in Los Angeles. Chances are, if you see one, you see the other. They were spotted playing chess in the hotel lobby the other day, although King quickly admitted that neither guy knows the rules all that well. They’re both affable guys who seem to be enjoying the ride, with a refreshing amount of joy and humility. Nolan had a big goal in the St. Louis series, and King had a big moment last night in Game 1 with a two-goal effort. Today, King talked about his friendship with Nolan and being able to share this experience.

KING: “We are actually roommates, both here and back in L.A. So, if you see us apart, that’s probably rare. We’ve been spending a lot of time together the last three months and it has gone well. Obviously we lived together down in Manchester too, so we know each other well and our relationship is good.’’

Question: Does it help, being two young guys in the same situation together?

KING: “Definitely. You have someone to talk to, someone to relate to. We’re both going through it for the first time and it’s obviously exciting. To be there with someone you know really well, it’s great.’’

Question: Do you guys talk hockey a lot?

KING: “Occasionally. Not a lot. We’re both avid movie-goes, so we discuss movies and stuff like that.’’