The Key Three: April 30 - LA Kings Insider

Like a big Thanksgiving meal, the Kings left everyone with plenty to digest at the end of the first period last night, so many improbable moments that added up to a remarkable 20 minutes. A goal 31 seconds into the game? Another shorthanded goal? Two back-breaking goals within the final two minutes? The Scottrade Center fans booed at the end of the period, but the reaction seemed to be more exasperation than anger. The Blues continued to play hard, but for all intents and purposes, the game was over.

The Kings, once again, went into the barn of a team with an outstanding home record and pulled some larceny, as they took the first two gams of the series. They did not achieve perfection though, or anything close to it. The Kings took far too many penalties, and while they maintained their comfortable lead over the game’s final 38-plus minutes, they recorded only five shots on goal in the final 40 minutes. The Kings, by circumstance, were managing the game in order to maintain their lead, but they will have to ramp up the intensity again on Thursday. What was the key aspect of the Kings’ 5-2 victory over the St. Louis Blues in Game 2? I present three options at the link below, and you can vote for your choice…

The Key Three: April 30


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