Sutter postgame quotes (April 30) - LA Kings Insider

Darryl Sutter’s postgame thoughts…

(on the first period…)

SUTTER: “I think our big guys had a big first period. I think Dustin Penner set the tone early, taking the puck to the net on Richie’s goal. The shorthand goal. Kopi had a real good first period.’’

(on trying to manage the rough play in the game and stay under control…)

SUTTER: “Well, there was a lot of penalties. There’s three teams on the ice. I don’t know, after the first period, how good any of the three were. Strange.’’

(on regaining the four-goal lead early in the second period…)
SUTTER: “It’s a big goal for us, right? They scored a goal. It was a shoot-in and our defensemen didn’t respond to it, and we come right back and score again. It’s a big goal.’’

(on if this was what he envisioned when he took over, with the team reaching its potential…)
SUTTER: “Well, I know there’s a lot of good players on our team. It’s hard, getting them to play all together at the same time. You know, I just look at is as, we’re in a series. I don’t look at an overview like that. We came here and we had a tough first period in the last game, and we had a good second and third. Tonight, we had an awesome first, and I don’t think we played well after that. So, we’ve got some work to do here, and get ready again.’’

(on Dustin Penner’s continued strong play…)
SUTTER: “It’s good to see that emotional investment from Dustin, right? Good to see, and good for him. Hey, it’s what I said before the series. We need him to have a good series. They switched their wingers tonight, with the two centermen. It’s still the same six guys together, for the most part.’’