The Key Three: April 28 - LA Kings Insider

A Russian, an American and a Canadian skate into a playoff series… Start of a bad joke? Perhaps, but also the Kings’ formula for success, as Slava Voynov, Matt Greene and Dustin Penner scored goals last night. Some parts of the game went pretty much as anticipated. The Blues looked brilliant early, and the Kings must have felt like table scraps going through the garbage disposal. They were sliced, diced and ground down for about 10 minutes, but oddly enough, after the Blues took the early lead, the game seemed to calm down and the Kings looked more composed.

Jonathan Quick was excellent throughout the game, Greene scored the shocking shorthanded goal and, on the other two goals, give big credit to Penner. On Voynov’s goal, Penner showed great poise and made an even better pass, and then in the final minute, he banked the puck off the side boards and it slid into the St. Louis goal to clinch the game. It certainly wasn’t a conventional playoff victory, but they all count the same. What was the key aspect of the Kings’ 3-1 victory over the St. Louis Blues in Game 1? I present three options at the link below, and you can vote for your choice…

The Key Three: April 28


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