Penner postgame quotes (April 28) - LA Kings Insider

Dustin Penner’s postgame thoughts…

(on the game…)
PENNER: “Obviously it was a tough start. They came in and took it to us pretty hard. They were over the top of us, and Quickie made a huge save on our first shift as a line. Then we killed off the ensuing power play, which was a huge turning point. There were a few turning points in the game, but that was one early, because that could have really tipped the scales in their favor. But we got a timely stop and timely goals.’’

(on whether he was trying to bank in his empty-net goal…)
PENNER: “I wasn’t aiming for that part of the boards. I knew that both of the D had come over to my side, so I didn’t want to leave it in the neutral zone. We curl a lot in Manitoba, so I’ve practiced a bit. We just didn’t have the men sweeping.’’

(on the keys to winning on the road in the playoffs…)
PENNER: “Special teams and PK. I’d say that’s number one, when you don’t allow the other team to get confidence on the power play and you score three shorthanded goals. If I’m on the other team, that’s deflating. It’s the same guy doing it. Brownie is the main catalyst on that. He’s tenacious out there on the PK. It’s almost like he enjoys it more than 5-on-5 or the power play sometimes. That’s been a success. And obviously Jonathan Quick.’’

(on Matt Greene’s goal…)
PENNER: “That’s a huge goal for us, and that’s what playoffs are about. It’s about timely goals, and guys who don’t usually score who are stepping it up. We watched the play unfold from the bench. We saw Greener coming up from behind them. Brownie could have dropped it to him and driven to the net or left it at Elliott’s feet. Greener saw an opportunity. That’s a risky play, but it paid off.’’