Sutter postgame quotes (April 22) - LA Kings Insider

Darryl Sutter’s postgame thoughts…

(on Jarret Stoll’s overtime goal…)
SUTTER: “We’ve been waiting about four months for Jarret Stoll to take that shot. [grins] We’ve used him a lot in the shootouts. Then those guys have struggled a little bit to score in the last little bit, and it’s awesome to see him score.’’

(on his young players winning a playoff round…)
SUTTER: “It’s good for them to win a round. … A good experience is a winning experience. The best experience is a winning experience.’’

(on the third period…)
SUTTER: “We wanted to see if we could draw a couple penalties. The power play was a little anxious early, and then I thought we settled down.’’

(on eliminating the Canucks…)
SUTTER: “I know exactly how they feel. I was part of that in Chicago once. It’s a grind. Do it, do it, do it, and then you win that award [President’s Trophy] and then you start to look ahead. I’m sure a little bit of what they’re going to look at. Obviously I give our players a ton of credit and I give their players a ton of credit too, for what they’ve done in the last two years.’’

(on Brad Richardson’s goal…)
SUTTER: “That line was very good for us again. It was eight, nine, 10 minutes, but they were very good in the last game and they were very good tonight.’’

(on his young players winning a playoff series…)
SUTTER: “To win a playoff series when you haven’t played in one, or won one, that is significant for them. They will relish that and learn from it and move on again. It’s good for Jonathan Quick. Him and Schneider, over the years, since their young days, have done that a lot.’’