Brown postgame quotes (April 22) - LA Kings Insider

Dustin Brown’s postgame thoughts…

(on Richardson’s game-tying goal…)
BROWN: “I think, if they hold onto that 1-0 lead, the further they go into the period with it, the more comfortable they probably play, but we got it right away, early, and the pressure started to, I think, show a little bit, with the way they weren’t attacking as much as they were in the first two. It was kind of the flip side for us.’’

(on getting to the second round…)
BROWN: “It’s huge. I’ve been here for eight, nine years, and this is a pretty good feeling for a lot of guys in here, especially the guys who have been here for an extended amount of time. It’s been a work in progress. This team has worked hard, and in saying that, we’ve got to enjoy it but get ready to go again.’’

(on winning three road games…)

BROWN: “I’ve said this for the last couple years. This team, we’re definitely designed better for the playoff hockey, than we are for the regular season. I think, when you have a goalie like Quicker, it always gives you a chance on the road. He made some key saves tonight, a couple breakaway saves for us. I think we did a pretty good job of limiting their grade-A scoring chances, other than a couple chances. We’ve shown that we’ve been able to battle. We’ve been in 2-1 games all season, and it was more of the same.’’