Sutter: `Power play has been awful' - LA Kings Insider

The Kings’ play, overall, has improved of late, but the power play has fallen into another rut, and now the Kings are facing at least one game without Jeff Carter. After a six-game stretch in which they went 4-for-14 on the power play, the Kings are now 1-for-24 with the man advantage in their last seven games. With a couple notable exceptions, the Kings haven’t even been much of a scoring threat on the power play. Several times last night against Calgary, the Kings looked far more threatening, and moved the puck better, in 5-on-5 shifts than they did on the power play. Darryl Sutter, already not in the best of moods today — presumably because of Carter’s injury — didn’t even wait for a question about the power play to be finished.

SUTTER: “Power play has been awful. Even last night. You talk about a (good) 60-minute game (against Calgary). It wasn’t a 60-minute game. In the second period, we had two power plays that changed the momentum of the game. We had to play our fourth line, back-to-back shifts, after both power plays to get the momentum back.’’