Limited work, good numbers for Bernier - LA Kings Insider

This hasn’t been the easiest of seasons for Jonathan Bernier, on an individual level. Bernier played 25 games last season and was excellent down the stretch, and last fall in training camp, Terry Murray indicated that Bernier might be able to push for even more playing time. Then, in large part because of Jonathan Quick’s brilliant start, Bernier rarely played. When Darryl Sutter took over for Murray, Bernier had started six of the Kings’ 39 games. Then, just before the All-Star break, Sutter said of Bernier, “You have to think that he’s going to play more than he did in the first 50 (games).” Since then, Bernier has made two starts.

In Bernier’s first three starts this season, he allowed a total of 10 goals and looked a little shaky. Since then, though, he has allowed a total of 11 goals in seven starts, and has not allowed more than two goals in any of those games (not counting two relief appearances). During that time, Bernier also regularly heard his name floated in trade reports. How much will Bernier play down the stretch? The Kings have three sets of back-to-back games remaining, but Sutter has proven that it’s no sure thing that Bernier will play in those situations. Bernier was asked about the challenges of being an infrequent starter…

BERNIER: “It’s not easy, but it’s my job. I’ve got to make sure I’m ready every time I step in, if I want to get back in again.”