Kings among NHL's youngest, heaviest - LA Kings Insider

James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail newspaper took a nice look, post-trade-deadline, at how NHL stack up in a “tale of the tape” sort of way. Mirtle ran the numbers in order to determine the youngest, oldest, biggest and smallest (in terms of weight) teams in the league, after the trade-deadline moves were made. The number show that the Kings are among the youngest (tied for second) and heaviest (second) teams in the league. Here’s the breakdown…

Youngest (average age): Colorado (26.1), Kings and Toronto (26.9), Nashville (27.1), Carolina and New York Rangers (27.2).
Oldest: New Jersey (30.1), Detroit (29.7), Florida (29.6), Boston (29.4), Anaheim (29.3).
Biggest (average weight): Washington (209.5), Kings (209.3), Ottawa (208.1), San Jose (207.5), Phoenix (207.0).
Smallest: Buffalo (197.4), Dallas (199.3) Pittsburgh and New York Islanders (200.8), Carolina (201.1).