Carter discusses transition to Kings - LA Kings Insider

Jeff Carter is now two games into his Kings career. In his first game, Carter played 17 minutes, 16 seconds, and had four shots on goal. Last night in Nashville, he played 19:51, had two shots on goal and was part of a game-changing turnaround. In the second period. Carter had a brilliant shot ring off the far goalpost, and the Predators scored less than 20 seconds later to take a two-goal lead. It’s difficult to say, based on two games, but Carter might already have inherited the titles of best skater and best shooter on the team. He talked about his transition to the Kings, and moving from center to wing…

CARTER: “It’s never easy (being traded), obviously, but I think a lot of the stuff we’ve been doing here is pretty similar to what we did in Philadelphia with Johnny Stevens. That obviously makes it a little bit easier.’’

Question: For you, playing center vs. wing, does it make a big difference?

CARTER: “I don’t think it makes much of a difference. With Mike and I, basically whoever is back first is going to go low. I’ve played a whole year on wing, last year, so I’m familiar with it now. It’s not an issue at all.’’

Question: What is your perspective on what Mike Richards brings, from playing alongside him?

CARTER: “You guys know what Mike brings to the table. He’s one of those heart-and-soul type guys. He’s going to give it his all every night. I think with us playing together, we’re familiar with each other. We haven’t played a lot together, but in our times together we’ve had some pretty good success. Hopefully we can get it going.’’