Bernier postgame quotes (Feb. 28) - LA Kings Insider

Jonathan Bernier’s postgame thoughts…

(on being sharp after not starting in a while…)

BERNIER: “I got in a few games, in Florida and Colorado. We came out big in the first and got some lucky bounces. It’s nice to play with a lead, obviously.’’

(on playing with the lead…)
BERNIER: “I think everyone was calmer, and we just played our style. A good F3 (forward) and chip it in, stuff like that. And we scored more, so it was perfect.’’

(on the pressure of the playoff race…)
BERNIER: “You just don’t think about that. You just play your game. I think, as a team, we really came out strong. We knew it was a big two points for us.’’

(on Minnesota’s scoring chances…)
BERNIER: “We played really solid through the middle. They had one really good scoring chance in the second period, the 3-on-2. We kept everything to the outside.’’