Roster flexibility for 2012-13 - LA Kings Insider

Given tomorrow’s trade deadline, and on the heels of the Kings’ acquisition of Jeff Carter and his massive contract — 10 years, after this one — it might be instructive to look ahead to next season, and what the Kings’ salary structure looks like. Here’s one look, albeit one that is basic. It assumes a couple things, that the Kings will cut ties with all their upcoming unrestricted free agents — Jarret Stoll, Dustin Penner and Colin Fraser among them — and that they don’t make any trades. Given the nature of the offseason, both are unlikely, but this will give you some idea of what the Kings have in front of them. The salaries for Dwight King and Marc-Andre Cliche are projected, as they will be restricted free agents.


Brown ($3.175 million)-Kopitar (6.8)-Williams (3.65)
Gagne (3.5)-Richards (5.75)-Carter (5.273)
Clifford (0.870)-Loktionov (0.817)-Lewis (0.725)
King (0.725*)-Cliche (0.725*)-Richardson (1.175)
Nolan (0.532)-Westgarth (0.725)

Scuderi (3.4)-Doughty (7.0)
Mitchell (3.5)-Voynov (0.817)
Martinez (0.738)-Greene (2.95)
Drewiske (0.617)

Quick (1.8)
Bernier (1.25)

This would make for a total of $56.5 million. This season’s salary cap is $64.3 million. So, it would seem that the Kings will have some wiggle room to upgrade some of the above positions, although one must also take into account 2013-14 and beyond.