Sutter's X-factor? Trevor Lewis - LA Kings Insider

Having watched from afar before taking over the Kings 10 days ago, Darryl Sutter obviously brings a different perspective on the team and its players. Asked, in general, if there was any particular player who had surprised him so far, Sutter contemplated for a moment, then picked Trevor Lewis. A former first-round pick who had become a part-time player under Terry Murray, Lewis has zero goals and one assist in 28 games this season, and four goals and 13 assists in 111 career games.

SUTTER: “Quite honestly, the player I really didn’t know much about was Trevor Lewis. I’m trying to show lots of confidence in him, and obviously he’s kind of struggled with that goose egg (in goals). He’s got a good enough skill set, and I’m impressed with his attitude, quite honestly. How come he hasn’t scored? I don’t know. You [media] know better than I do. But I think he gives us a speed dimension. I see guys on Vancouver’s team, players like (Jannik) Hansen and kids like that, and there are similarities. We need him to do all those things and then chip in for us.’’