Greene postgame quotes (Dec. 31) - LA Kings Insider

Matt Greene’s postgame thoughts…

(on what the win does for the team’s confidence…)
GREENE: “It builds it up. I think it’s still a work in progress, but we’ve been having some success over the last little bit here, with Darryl coming in. This was a good game for us, obviously, but we have to keep rolling. We can’t rest on this game.’’

(on taking over the game after Vancouver’s early goal…)
GREENE: “We’ve been having success just rolling four lines. I think that’s what we did. We got a big goal out of our third line tonight, and that’s what it takes sometimes. They score and we get one right away, that’s a big confidence boost, knowing they’re not going to push us back and we’re going to keep rolling.’’

(on the four-minute penalty kill…)
GREENE: “That was big too. Quickie has been great for us, and again, he shut the door there. That was huge, especially losing Rick [Mike Richards] on that one too. He’s obviously a big part of our PK, and to patch that together and get a big kill was big for us.’’

(on Kopitar getting the scoring monkey off his back…)
GREENE: “Maybe you guys would make a big deal out of it, but he’s been doing everything for us. He hasn’t been scoring, but he still logs 20-some minutes of ice. He plays well. He does everything. He’s on the ice in every situation. If you ask the guys in here if his play has dipped at all, I don’t think so. He’s just not finding the back of the net, and for him to do that, that’s great, but he’s been our best player throughout the whole year.’’

(on the win…)
GREENE: “We need points. We’ve got to keep climbing in this division. It’s tight. We didn’t do ourselves any favors for that stretch of 15 games there, not getting too many points, and now we’ve got to get them no matter who we’re playing against.’’