Sutter has `trust' in goaltending - LA Kings Insider

One thing new coach Darryl Sutter hasn’t had to worry about is goaltending. Scoring? Yes. Power play? Yes. Goaltending? No. In Sutter’s five games, the Kings have allowed seven goals. Jonathan Quick has stopped 118 of 124 shots and Jonathan Bernier stopped 26 of 27 last night in Winnipeg. Sutter said that, after last night’s game, his first message in the locker room was to praise Bernier’s effort.

SUTTER: “As the game went on, he was doing a better job around the net and all that. He was solid. We didn’t have any problem in our zone because of anything that he did. I wish we could have got him both points.’’

Sutter was also asked about the potential challenge in assessing two goalies he’s not familiar with, two goalies who have very different styles: the athletic, aggressive Quick and the calm, positional Bernier.

SUTTER: “Bernie told me two days, when I was talking to him about anything he needed help with. Basically he told me to leave him alone. `You haven’t seen me play yet.’ That’s exactly what he said. He said, `You haven’t seen me play yet.’ [laughs] That was pretty good. I trust our goaltending. You have to, as a coach, trust your goaltending always. At the end of the day, it’s your most important position.’’