No rest for the weary - LA Kings Insider

It’s back to work for the Kings. After three games in four nights, including a back-to-back set on the road, it was a 2 a.m. arrival back home and now a noon practice today and, oh yeah, a game tomorrow against the high-powered Vancouver Canucks. Practice time is valuable, though, given that Darryl Sutter has had so little of it since he took over as Kings coach. With the Kings at home for the next two weeks, there will be some time to work through some things in practice…

SUTTER: “We’ve tried to physically give them as much rest and maintenance as we can. Then, to pay us back, they’ve got to mentally buy in and be like students. Whether that works or not, I don’t know, but that’s the best way to look at it.’’

Sutter was also asked about his familiarity level with his new players, and how long he thinks it will take to reach the level he desires.

SUTTER: “I know the team good enough. It’s not like you’re away from it. I know the players. From an Xs and Os standpoint, they’re a pretty good hockey club. I just think there are areas that we can try to improve on, and we will. I don’t think it’s knowing the players. Other than four or five kids, I think they’re all pretty familiar.’’