Brown postgame quotes (Dec. 17) - LA Kings Insider

Dustin Brown’s postgame thoughts…

(on the game…)

BROWN: “We got our (butts) kicked, plain and simple. We made mistakes, and that’s a good team. They’re going to do that every time if we’re going to give the puck away and not make plays in our own zone. We just got our (butts) kicked, and there’s really no excuse. it’s time for everyone in this room to wake up.’’

(on whether it takes a blowout loss to wake players up…)
BROWN: “Maybe. I don’t know. We played a good game in the last couple games. We beat the worst team in the league 2-1, by the standings. They’re the worst team in the league. We come in here and, I don’t know where they are in the standings but they’re a good team. They’ve been a good team. We got our (butts) kicked. It’s time for guys to wake up. That’s pretty much it, really. Guys have to wake up and take responsibility.’’

(on whether things felt wrong from the start…)

BROWN: “I don’t really have an answer for whether we had it. It doesn’t really matter. At this point of the season, it doesn’t really matter. We’re 30-whatever games into the year and we’re out of the playoffs right now. It doesn’t really make a difference if we have it (at the start) or we don’t. We have to find ways to be a lot better than we were tonight. It’s a team game, but everyone has to bring their `A’ game and be ready to play. With everything that has gone on, guys have to take responsibility in here. It doesn’t matter whether Stevens is our coach, or whoever they bring in. It doesn’t matter who the coach is. it’s going to be the players that play the games, and it’s going to be the players that take responsibility.’’