The view from San Jose - LA Kings Insider

The San Jose Sharks were typically stingy last night — they have allowed a total of only seven goals in their last five games — but two goals were enough for the Kings, who handed the Sharks only their second shutout loss of the season. The Sharks also suffered their first road loss since Oct. 31. Here’s how the San Jose Mercury News covered last night’s game, followed by some additional postgame quotes from the Sharks’ locker room…

San Jose Sharks lose to Los Angeles Kings 2-0


(on the game…) “I want to know where they [the Sharks] went between the second and third to find it [energy]. It’s really disappointing, probably more disappointing because we came out and played hard in the third. So it made it even tougher to swallow.’’

(on the Sharks’ power play…) “It’s typical of these nights. When you don’t contribute early in the game and you wait for the power play to come, you’re usually not sharp enough to score. You’ll create a number of opportunities but you’re not going to get rewarded for it. The hockey gods don’t work that way.’’


(on the game…) “Good third period, bad first two. We just have got to somehow score to make it a game and we didn’t. … You knew they were going to play well at home here. I’m disappointed at the way we came out, but I’m sure we’ll get a couple good days of practice and get back at it on Thursday.’’

(on Jonathan Quick’s play…) “He played good. He’s a good goaltender, he’s a (top) league goaltender. We had our chance but we just didn’t finish. He played well.’’


(on the game…) “The first two periods, there was not a lot of emotion. We didn’t really work to get our chances. Five-on-five, we had nothing for the first two periods. Not working hard enough to win the game. There are 82 games. You have got to find a way to get up for every game. Some nights are tougher than others, but at the end of the day you have to find a way. As a team, you have got to get up for it. There’s no reason why (we didn’t). These guys are in our division.’’