Stanley Cup memories with Fraser - LA Kings Insider

The Chicago Blackhawks are in Los Angeles tomorrow, making something of a reunion for Colin Fraser, who won the Cup with the Blackhawks two seasons ago. It’s always a fun question: What did Fraser do with his day with the Cup?

FRASER: “First, I played street hockey with my buddies, right outside my parents’ house back in Langley. Then I did a public appearance where I played my minor hockey, in Surrey. I did a presentation with the Cup, and then pictures and autographs and stuff after, for a couple hours. Then I just went back to my parents’ place for a couple hours and had dinner, just the small group so we could enjoy it and take family pictures. We just hung out. Then I rented out a lounge at a restaurant and I had all my family and friends, like 78 people, and we just drank beer and had fun. Everybody got to drink out of the Cup and take pictures with it and all that fun stuff.’’

Question: So, the guy who tends to the Cup, he’s just hanging out all day? When you eat dinner, it’s you, your family and the guy who tends to the Cup?

FRASER: “He’s there all day. He’s a good guy. He’s not like, beside it the whole time. He’s in the background, I guess, but he’s got his eye on it. You can’t just grab it and lift it. His rule is, nobody is allowed to lift it over their head except the guy who won it. That’s his rule. So nobody did that. And if we were pouring drinks out of it, I had to pour the drinks. I could get help from someone, but my dad just couldn’t pick it up and start saying, `Hey, get some of this,’ if I was in the bathroom or something. But they were not real strict. They were pretty good, pretty flexible, and it was obviously lots of fun.’’