Greene postgame quotes (Oct. 22) - LA Kings Insider

Matt Greene’s postgame quotes…

(on Jonathan Quick’s recent play…)
GREENE: “He’s a stud. It’s no secret in here. We all know it. He’s a stud. He’s been doing it for a long time now for us, and it’s just fun to have him there. He allows guys to play their game without a lot of fear. You never want to turn over pucks as a D-man, but at the same time, it’s always nice knowing he’s back there. You’ve got an ace in hole.’’

(on the concept of `defensive momentum’ carrying over…)
GREENE: “Absolutely. Maybe some of those forwards can take a few more risks, knowing that he’s back there and he’s on his game. It’s confidence that just goes throughout the team. When he’s playing well, everybody is a little looser. You know he’s back there and he’s going to be doing his job and making every save that he should. Right now, there’s a lot that he shouldn’t (be stopping) too. When he’s on his game like that, it definitely makes everybody a better player.’’