Players can't wait to skate - LA Kings Insider

We’re still 11 days away from the official on-ice start to Kings training camp, but there’s plenty of activity already at the practice facility in El Segundo. A good portion of the veteran players have arrived and are going through daily off-ice workouts as well as some unofficial practice. That includes two players, Anze Kopitar and Justin Williams, who spent their summers recovering from surgery. By all accounts, Kopitar (ankle) and Williams (shoulder) are fully recovered and will be ready for the start of camp on Sept. 17.

“I just talked to (Kopitar) this morning, right outside my office door,” coach Terry Murray said. “He’s in and he looks great. He’s been out there skating with the guys today, and everything is fine. It was a very serious injuries, with a broken bone, and he has recovered, he’s healed. I spoke with him by phone about three weeks ago, and at that time he was doing literally everything, as far as the off-ice workout was concerned, except plyometrics, which is the jumping part of it. Everything else was in place. He’s been skating for the last month. So he’s good to go. Same with Justin Williams. Justin was here this morning. He’s 100 percent and he’s excited, a big smile on his face and really excited about getting going.”