TSN: Doughty `can't wait to get something done' - LA Kings Insider

TSN, as part of this story, was able to catch up with Drew Doughty as he trains and does some charity stuff in his hometown of London, Ontario. Doughty (as you might have heard) still isn’t under contract for 2011-12, with the start of training camp one month away. Doughty told TSN, “I guess there’s really no rush,” said Doughty. “Both sides, we’re discussing things, and I’m sure that something is going to get done soon. I don’t have a timeframe or anything like that. But I still want to be a King, and I can’t wait to get something done just so it’s over with.”

Well, that makes a few of us… Doughty also did the following video interview with “A-News London,” in which he said, “There are so many rumors floating around, and I haven’t seen one true one.” Imagine that!