Thoughts on commenting... - LA Kings Insider

Hello to everyone from the secret-location bunker. If anyone could save me some newspapers and TV programs, so I can catch up upon my return, I’d appreciate it. If there’s anything interesting going on in the hockey world these days, I remain blissfully ignorant.

Meant to do this before departure last week, but during the last open forum session, there were a couple questions about possible changes to the commenting system here. In short, there will be some dramatic changes fairly soon. It’s pointless to get into particulars, but suffice to say, like many things in the world, a small minority makes things difficult for the vast majority. So, we change, and hopefully find something that works well for everyone. The most-discussed option is to go to a system in which people log in through Facebook accounts and post. The point is for people to post behind their real names, because it’s been proven, time and again, that there’s a higher level of responsibility and accountability when people actually attach their names to what they say. I understand the concerns about Facebook, particularly in the area of privacy. I can tell you that, from all my investigation, there is nothing that would be made public here that is not made public through your Facebook setting. If you don’t have a public picture there, you won’t have one here, etc.

That said, I’m open to ideas. I assure you that my primary concern is to find a system that best serves (within reason) the needs of the readers. I know we’ve got some highly intelligent tech-type people out there, so feel free to share some thoughts and I’ll be happy to read them.