The latest on Mulletgate - LA Kings Insider

For those following the saga of the minor Ryan Smyth trade, it continues. Dean Lombardi said today that there has been no resolution in the Kings’ quest to receive some compensation from the Oilers.

Lombardi spoke more openly about the trade particulars today. He noted that Colin Fraser, the player who came back to the Kings (along with a draft pick) for Smyth still has not been declared healthy by any doctor. Lombardi said he was told, by the Oilers, that Fraser would be “ready to play” on the Wednesday after the trade, but that a Kings doctor recommended surgery and that an independent doctor said Fraser could be examined again in two weeks to evaluate any progress in his recovery. Lombardi’s contention is that the Oilers have already misled the Kings, in terms of Fraser’s recovery time, and that’s why they are seeking mediation from the league.

It all sounds a bit like a tempest in a teapot, but we’ll see what happens. As noted earlier, the Kings are unlikely to get anything of note at this point. Lombardi also said there is nothing new to report in the Drew Doughty negotiations since, well, two days ago.