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Sad story, and a look ahead

Just got in, but I would be remiss if I let the day pass without extending condolences to the loved ones of Jonathan Moncrief, who passed away at age 43. Moncrief wrote about the Kings for the website, and while any death is sad, those who leave long before their time are even more shoc... Read More
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Moller status update

Here's a follow-up on yesterday's post about Oscar Moller. Even if, as expected, Moller starts next season playing professionally in Sweden, it's almost certain that the Kings will retain his rights. Moller, according to reports overseas, is expected to sign a two-year contract with a team in Sweden... Read More
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Happy Birthday to Jim Fox!

First, a very happy birthday to Jim Fox, who, much like his cherished wines, is only getting better with age. Along those lines, a couple quick items… The 23rd-annual Dave Taylor/Jim Fox Golf Classic will take place Monday, June 13, at the Moorpark Country Club. The tournament, which benefits the... Read More