Murray postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Terry Murray’s postgame thoughts…

(on the lack of a shot on goal in the third period…)
MURRAY: “Not happy with it at all, not when you lose the game in the third period like we did. We took a couple penalties that cost us the opportunity to get back into the game.”

(on the game…)
MURRAY: “The start was good. The game was good. There was good intensity, there was good atmosphere, with Vancouver coming back after a road trip and clinching first overall, there was a lot of emotion in the building with the fans. I thought we matched that and were ready to go. We played well and got that first goal, which is important, and things were going along pretty well.”

(on Drew Doughty’s play on Vancouver’s second goal…)
MURRAY: “You can’t ask a defenseman not to make that kind of play. I mean, my God, you’ve got to give him an opportunity to try to be the player that he is. The issue, for me in the second period, would have been the first goal. We got a little too cute up top, with the rotation of three guys trying to make a little saucer pass. Whenever you have one of the premier players in the game on the ice — and they have three up high also — that was a little too much to ask at that time.”

(on Kyle Clifford’s hit…)
MURRAY: “Well, in the environment that we have today, it’s a play where you’ve got to let up. There’s no question the Vancouver defenseman saw him from the top of the hash mark in, above the dot in the circle. But you do have to let up. That’s just the way the environment is. There was an evasive move. It looked like he was going to try to go behind the net, then he cut in. He saw him, but at the same time you do have to be aware of it as the player that is coming in second. But on the other side of it, with Handzus, that is interference. The puck is in the corner. He is going to retrieve the puck. Tambellini cuts him underneath and Rome comes and blindsides him. That is interference.”

(on the game…)
MURRAY: “The play, I thought we tried to do a little too much with the puck in the first period. We settled that out in the second, and we had a better attitude with it, and what we wanted to do. The compete was great. The team play really picked up, I thought, as far as execution in the second period. We gave ourselves an opportunity to win a game, and unfortunately we were the ones that gave them the opportunity to win the game.”