Clifford in, Williams out - LA Kings Insider

Just to complete the story on Justin Williams, here’s what Terry Murray said today about the possibility of Williams playing again this season. Four weeks would put Williams at April 19, which would be the range of late in the first round of the playoffs, should the Kings qualify…

MURRAY: “It will be a rehab process now. Give it a chance and see how it comes around. Obviously there will have to be a harness worn, as you come back and start to see if it’s going to work or not, and make a decision as to whether he can play or what it will be like after four weeks of rehab.”

On the other hand, Kyle Clifford will be back in the lineup tomorrow night against San Jose, after he missed two games with a head injury.

MURRAY: “He came through yesterday real good. He’s cleared. The doctor saw him and he had no problems whatsoever. He’s ready, yes. He’s excited about it.”