Murray postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Terry Murray’s postgame thoughts…

(on how the game got away from the Kings…)
MURRAY: “Good start. We score, they score, and the momentum seemed to change late in the first period, to me. That’s a good hockey club. They are on a tough trip right now. They’ve got like four games in six days here. They’re going to be very busy and they’re coming to play, and that’s a veteran team that knows how to do things right at a critical time in the year, in a big push to get their `A’ game on track for the playoffs. They score goals at the right time and gave us a real lesson here, I think, today in how to come and be ready just to play hard, to play smart, to play intelligently in a road game.’

(on whether he considered pulling Quick after the “first”…)
MURRAY: “I did, after the first goal. Is that what you mean? First goal, I thought about it. I don’t like that first goal.”

(on a rare poor effort from Quick…)
MURRAY: “This, right now, is the time when you’ve got to dig in, you bring your A game. Everybody has to be responsible for that. In my mind, that’s the player himself, in all the days that I played that’s your responsibility as a player to get yourself ready to do the right thing, so that you’re coming to the rink and you’re going to play. If you’re off your `A’ game, you bring your best `B’ game. You don’t let it drop out. You don’t drop down to the bottom. You’ve got to have your goaltender on top of his game anytime you play Detroit, and he had a tough game, a real tough game here today. So we’ll absorb this loss and hopefully we can bounce back and get ready to go against Phoenix.”

(on Detroit capitalizing on turnovers…)
MURRAY: “If you’re going to over-handle the puck, if you’re going to get cute with it, you’re going to get casual with it, this is the team that will expose you and capitalize on it.”