Johnson postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Jack Johnson’s postgame thoughts…

(on the game…)

JOHNSON: “It’s easier to just say, `OK, forget it, let’s move on and reset.’ We have a big division game on Thursday, so you just move on. We still did some good things out there against a great hockey team. They’re a great team, the puck was going in a lot for them tonight.”

(on the trade for Dustin Penner…)
JOHNSON: “I’m glad I get to play with him instead of against him. He’s a good player, he’s hard to play against and we’re excited to have him, all the guys are. It’s a real exciting thing for us going into playoffs. We’re putting all the chips in to win this and we’re excited about it. … It’s definitely a great message to all of the players and everything. We’re excited about it, we’re excited that they did it and we’re really looking forward to having him here.”

(on not giving up in the third period…)
JOHNSON: “No, there’s no reason to. First of all, you don’t want to get embarrassed. That’s the biggest thing. They put seven goals up on us. We made it a little bit more respectable at the end, but you don’t want to get embarrassed. They’re not going to stop playing so we can’t either. There comes a point when you want to say, `OK, let’s get out of here,’ but you definitely don’t want to get embarrassed.”