Quick postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Jonathan Quick’s postgame thoughts…

(on having the most points in the NHL right now…)
QUICK: “We’re just playing one game at a time right now. Everything that has happened so far doesn’t really factor in. It’s a long season. We’ve got a lot of games to play, so we’re just going to take it one game at a time and try to get two points every time we’re out there, and we’ll build off the momentum that we have so far.”

(on whether he was screened on the Devils’ goal…)
QUICK: “It was a bit of a screen. Still, the guy was pretty high out. I kind of wish I had that one back. But it happens. The team responded. We came back and scored a big goal right after that, and we were able to shut them down for the rest of the game.”

(on many of the Devils’ shots coming from the perimeter…)
QUICK: “It makes my job a lot easier. You look at see that they had 20 shots (in the third period) and it might look like I’m getting a lot of work, but a lot of them were from the perimeter and I was able to see a ton of them. The guys did a great job of picking up guys and clearing out lanes. The ones I wasn’t able to control, they were able to get the rebounds and get them to the corners. So it was a great team effort. We’ve just got to try to build off the momentum we’ve had in the last few games.”