Murray postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Terry Murray’s postgame thoughts…

(on the game…)
MURRAY: “Well, the bottom line is winning games in the National Hockey League. I’m very pleased about the fact that we came back (from the road trip) and got two points. It was a very hard game for us. This is something that’s talked about — every time I’m involved in this — coming back after a long road trip, that it’s hard, emotionally and mentally, to get yourself going. Physically, you’re tired to begin with, so I liked the way we dug in. I know they outplayed us and outshot us in the third period, but at critical times, we responded.”

(on scoring the third goal so quickly after the Devils’ goal…)
MURRAY: “That was a great response. That was a much-needed response. That Stoll line went right back out there immediately. Scuds shoots the puck at the net, and there was a nice little redirection for Stoll to put it in. But that’s the kind of intensity that line showed us all night long. They were real good. They were on the puck, they were smart with the puck in the offensive zone and still, at the same time, very responsible on the checking part of the game.”

(on Stoll’s play this season…)
MURRAY: “He knows that, as the second-line center iceman, the secondary scoring is very important. One of the strengths that Stoll has, of course, is shooting the puck, carrying the puck with speed and shooting the puck. We want him to take advantage of that shooting ability more often, even if it’s just putting pucks on net to generate some second and third opportunities from other people on the team, it’s a good decision. His attitude right now is paying off for him.”

(on Quick’s play…)
MURRAY: “He was real good in the third period. They’re just opening up the flood gates there. The D are pinching down. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen New Jersey Devils D pinch as often as they have. It’s just a very aggressive attitude, to stay after us. I’m sure they were talking about us coming back (from the road trip) and that there was going to be fatigue in our game. And they were right. We needed Quick to be good, and he was.”