Hunters to hunted - LA Kings Insider

Last season, Dean Lombardi and Terry Murray talked often about expectations, and dealing with them. Even though it’s early in this season, the Kings are off to a strong start, and in the lead-up to the season they were often touted as one of the league’s “teams on the rise.” With those expectations comes extra focus, and Terry Murray talked about how do deal with that focus from opponents who aren’t going to take the Kings lightly.

MURRAY: “It’s fun. This is fun. You’re a better hockey club because of the way things came together last year. Teams are, I’m sure, preparing, looking and talking about you differently as they get ready to play the L.A. Kings, and that’s the fun part of the business. We’ve got a challenge in front of us every night, and it’s exciting. It’s good to see how these young players on this hockey club get themselves ready to meet that challenge every day, and how they’re improving and how they get themselves through on a day-to-day basis. You learn to become a true professional athlete whenever you’re in this kind of scenario, and so far we have responded.”