Scuderi postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Rob Scuderi’s postgame thoughts…

(on maintaining composure in a wild game…)
SCUDERI: “Gameplan wise, it certainly wasn’t a perfect game for us, but sometimes that’s going to happen and you’ve got to find a way to win a game. It was pretty crazy in the first two periods. I think, in the third period, we calmed it down. We gave up a power-play goal, and it was a tough penalty, but those things are going to happen sometimes and you have to kill them off. We found a way to win anyway.”

(on whether he saw Simmonds’ penalty…)
SCUDERI: “I didn’t see it. I wasn’t looking at the Jumbotron when they showed it. I’m sure he’s more mad at himself than anything, because that’s the type of player that he is. Fortunately it didn’t cost us the game, and I’m sure he won’t do it again.”