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Terry Murray’s postgame thoughts…

(on the game…)
MURRAY: “The first period, I liked the way we started. The intensity, the execution, the structure, the play, there were good things happening deep in the offensive zone. Scoring on the power play, it’s part of the game you have to get going. You don’t normally get a lot of practice time in that area, and to get some results on that really reinforces what the coaching staff is trying to get to. Our second period, we brought some issues on ourselves with some turnovers, not moving our feet, making plays, and give them some credit. They were down, and they had to get something going. They picked it up and started to have us in there for a few shifts in our own end.”

(on making his final roster cuts…)
MURRAY: “They’re going to be difficult. We’ve got some players who are showing us that they’re hungry for the job. But I’m not going to lose sight of the fact that the group of guys who were here last year is a pretty good group and had a good year. We have a couple spots that we’re looking for in the lineup, and again, there are going to be some players who are going to be very happy and some are going to be very disappointed at the end of the day, but that’s the way it is. That’s competition. That’s depth in the organization. That’s heading in the right direction, and it’s a great decision to have to make.”

(on the games of Hickey and Muzzin…)
MURRAY: “I liked them tonight. Muzzin is a young guy who is coming out of junior. He played very well, with a lot of composure. He contributed on the power play, made some very good heads-up plays on 5-on-5 looks and defended well. Same thing with Hickey. I thought his play with the puck was good. He moved it faster tonight than I’ve seen in the past, where he kind of slows it down a little too much. We want to get on the transition, and he did a good job in that area. So, a pretty solid effort.”

(on Brayden Schenn’s game…)
MURRAY: “Real good. Schenn was really good. The line was really good. Williams, first of all, has been tremendous from the start of the training camp, with a lot of pop in his skate and holding onto the puck and making plays. Parse was good there, and now Richie is there. But Schenn in particular, I thought he grabbed the opportunity to move up with more of a skill player on both sides. He really took advantage of it. They had a shift in the first period that was phenomenal. That’s what I wanted to see out of this look here tonight, was a player who could make plays, hold onto the puck, carry it, match up against veteran players on the opposition and, at the same time, be solid away from the puck. Then, at the end, he kind of surprised me with what he did.”

(on Andrei Loktionov’s game…)
MURRAY: “Outstanding. On the power play, with our best players, most skilled players, he does not look out of place one bit. He made plays, he’s got a lot of composure when the pressure is on him, by the penalty-killing team. Tremendous.”